Prepare Your Home For The Screen

Dated: 05/11/2020

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Prepare Your Home for the Screen

Is your home ready for the big screen?

Real estate has gone virtual. Even once things return to whatever “normal” is, the real estate industry will continue to implement virtual showings and tours. These two studies conducted from 2016-2019 found that homes with 3D tours closed at a 4-9% higher sale price and up to 31% faster than properties without virtual tours.

Going beyond listing photos, videos and 3D tours allow potential buyers to get a feel for the property before stepping foot in it. That means buyers can eliminate properties that don’t fit their needs, and only those with serious consideration will walk through your property. 

So, how can you get ready for a 3D tour? Keep reading for 6 tips to prepare your home for the screen:


A common mistake is to think, ‘No one will be able to see that dust from a computer screen.’ Keep in mind that today’s technology catches everything. Get into the corners, scrub the floors, wash the windows, and make sure the entire home is sparkling. 


If it doesn’t have a distinct purpose, get rid of it. This goes for your personal items, such as photos, trinkets, and that sweater you always hang on the back of a chair. 

In the kitchen, remove as many items from the countertops as you can. Put your coffee maker, toaster, paper towel holder, and knife set in a cabinet to create a clutter-free visual. You can even remove towels and kitchen mats. 

Throughout the rest of the home, keep in mind that the less you have out, the better. People want to see the home, not your personal belongings. 

Check the Lighting

Every photographer and videographer will tell you lighting is essential. Check all light bulbs and replace any that are not working. Open up curtains and blinds on the day of the filming for optimal natural lighting.

Stage Each Room

Arrange furniture and decor in a visually appealing way. When rearranging furniture, move it away from the walls and tie the room together with an area rug. This helps create a spacious and bright appearance. 

Day-of Preparation

On the day of recording, do a final wipe down and clean up of the entire house. Also, put items like garbage cans, pet items, and any other small knickknacks into a hiding place that won’t be recorded. Try to get everyone - including pets - out of the house on recording day. If you need to stay home, make sure you are out of the way during recording. 

Getting your home ready for the screen is just as important as getting it ready for in-person showings. Interested buyers will continue to return to photos, videos, and 3D tours, inspecting every inch. 

Interested in seeing some of our 3D tours? Contact us!

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