BIGGer Than Life Episode 4

Dated: 05/20/2020

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It’s episode 4 of BIGGer than Life, and Jill shares some highlights from gradual reopenings in New Jersey. Plus, she answers questions about the real estate industry and changes being made to benefit buyers and sellers. 

Some Good News Hoboken and Jersey City

As of May 15th, it's now legal in New Jersey for bars and restaurants with liquor licenses to sell and deliver mixed drinks and cocktails. Cellar335 in Jersey City helped to forefront the petition that helped make this happen. The reason they did this is because they have all of those fabulous cocktails! I frequently go there; my favorite happens to be the mai tai. Perhaps this week, I'll get it delivered. 

With the gradual reopenings that are set to take place, restaurants and retail spaces are going to be able to expand their outdoor capacity. There's four different types of expanded capacity. They include sidewalk options, meaning that you get to extend yourself, always leaving a six foot walkway for pedestrians. People are taking over the parking spots in front of establishments for outdoor dining. Plus, they are actually shutting down streets. An Open Streets program started with Jefferson Street and with Adam Street in Hoboken. That’s going to give people more of an opportunity, especially with social distancing, and we're super excited about it. 

The piece of good news that I am most personally excited about is Memorial Day is coming and the beaches are going to be open. Yes, we get to go to the Jersey Shore! They're operating at 50% capacity, to allow for social distancing. The boardwalk will have only takeout and delivery, but you are still going to get to go to the beach.

Q&A with Jill Biggs

Is now a good time for me to start a real estate career in Hoboken?

Interestingly enough, I've had people calling me saying they have free time, and they're thinking of becoming a realtor. If you're going to start, you better call a team. Because the truth is, in this kind of a changing market, the people that are doing business are the tried and true: those of us that have been doing it for a long time. 

You will need a presence in order to get up and running. So, if you have a passion for real estate, and that's what your dream is, there are tons of people to help now. And so why not? Feel free to give me a call; we could chat about it. 

What can I do to prepare my home to sell?

Certainly, decluttering is right up there. You can take out all your winter clothes now that spring is in the air and put them aside. Plan on taking them to out of your home and putting them in a storage space. Get rid of all of the superfluous things that you don't really need, because you want your space to look as big as possible. 

Walk around the house. Look at the details when you clean. People often don't notice that their molding or air conditioning vent is dirty. Especially with the current 3D tours, which allow potential buyers to zoom in. There's nothing like a dirty vent to make people think you didn't take care of your house. So walk around, do some spring cleaning, get rid of your extra stuff. This can all be done before you have a real estate agent come to the property. At that point, we will see if you need further decluttering or staging.

How are you driving traffic to my property?

Normally, we have public open houses, and people have mixed feelings on them. Here’s why: a lot of the time at an open house, it's your neighbors looking at your stuff.

The open houses that we're now having are virtual. We are driving traffic to a landing page and a 3D tour. We're answering questions on the building, the unit, the neighborhood. So the people attending virtual open houses are not just looky-loos. They're not people just going out to have a nice day. They are qualified buyers who are serious about moving. I will tell you for every other person that we're bringing through, we're making an offer. So I think it's a change that is actually for the best, and we may continue to hold open houses this way. 

Do you have questions for Jill to answer on the next episode of BIGGER than Life? Contact us!

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Jill Biggs leads the top-producing real estate team in Hudson County, N.J., a booming market located just outside of New York City. With more than a decade of experience serving Hoboken, Jersey City a....

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