Nutrition And Training Tips For Half And Full Marathons

Dated: September 13 2013

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For all of you who are participating in this years Newport Half Marathon on September 22nd or in the 2013 ING New York City Marathon, I'd like to share some tips and information on how to prepare your mind and body for the challenges ahead.  The following blog is going to give you tips on running practices to build your endurance, foods to eat leading up to, and on the day of your run and things you can do to get your head clear and focused on race day. 

Nutrition Tips and Foods to Eat Leading Up to Your Race and On Race Day
  • You should be getting roughly 65-70% of your calories from carbs in the days leading up to your race. Don't over-eat the night before your race, loading up on carbs does not mean that you need to eat three plates of spaghetti at dinner.  Keep in mind.., "Too much 'loading' can lead to 'unloading' during the race." Make sure to eat your normal amount of food for dinner that you would on any other night.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated! Keep drinking water regularly throughout the week and make sure to avoid alcohol.  Alcohol will dehydrate you and seriously compromise your ability to sustain your pace and energy levels.  For sure, you do not want to drink the night before the race because it will affect your sleep and running with a hangover is not fun!
  • On race day or the night before, try not to consume whole grains, vegetables or fruits that are high in fiber. These foods are a little tougher for your body to digest and can cause some serious issues for your during or after your run. You should also avoid coffee, fried fatty foods and junk! These foods will sit in your stomach and make you fell lethargic and heavy.
  • Some of the best foods to eat the night before or the morning of your race are; white breads, pastas and rice, low fiber fruits and veggies, soy and almond milk, and yogurts with live cultures.
  • Foods To Eat While Training - This link has great suggestions for foods to eat in the weeks and months leading up to your race.
Training Tips to Increase Your Stamina and Distance
Below are links to some websites that offer tips to help you with your running distance and stamina.
Ways to Clear Your Mind in Preparing for and During Your Race
    • Get to know your course. Check out the course map and note at which mile markers you will find a change in elevation, this way you will know when to prepare you body for the uphill battle and when you will get some relief during your downhill stretch.  When practicing your pre-marathon runs, try to simulate the course so you prepare your mind and body for the inclines on race day. During the inclines, keep focused and positive in your inner dialog. You can and will do it!
    • As you hit the "wall" on your run, you most likely will experience either pain, lack of energy, hunger, etc. Instead of ignoring what your body is going through, focus on the problem and tell your body to make the pain go away.  You mind and body are very in tune and focusing on the problem and asking your body to fix it, will be a benefit vs. ignoring it which will only make the problem worse.
    • As you are running through the packs of people, focus the people around you or someone you want to pass.  As the course thins out and there are less people around you, expand your mind and take in the scenery and the crowds cheering you on!
    • Break the race down into smaller chunks. Set smaller mileage goals and focus on those goals rather than going for the gusto!  Breaking the race into smaller goals will help you remain confident and strong throughout the race and ultimately helping you reach your goal.
    • Never lose sight as to why you are doing this. Keep in mind why you decided to run this race and how great you are going to feel once you finish.  Keep that feeling of personal satisfaction in the back of your mind to keep you motivated and thinking positive!
    • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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