Ready to Spring Forward

Dated: 03/11/2013

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If you haven’t already noticed, it may seem like your friends, family members and co-workers have come down with a strong case of the Mondays, more than usual. They probably haven’t fully recovered from the shock of losing an hour of sleep over the weekend.

There are two ways of looking at this Bi-Yearly time adjustment: Some are excited to get an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. It signals that Spring will soon be upon us, which means warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and the promise of getting out of the house more often.

While some rejoice and see the glass half full, others fret at the thought of losing their precious beauty sleep when 2am magically becomes 3am. It seems somewhat trivial, only losing an hour, but the time shift can influence the duration and quality of sleep, which could last for several days. Keeping yourself on track with your normal activities will help reinforce the new wake time.

However you decide to handle Daylight Savings, try to be patient with yourself. But if you’re still looking forward to getting back that hour of sleep, remember to set your alarm clock for the first Sunday in November at 2:00am as a reminder of when Standard Time and an extra hour of dreams returns.

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